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Chilled Products

McCains Frozen Products

Frozen French Fries

Frozen 7mm Shoestring Chips 10kg

Frozen 10mm Choice Chips 10kg

Frozen 12mm Choice Chips 10kg

Frozen Rustic Cut Chips 10kg

Frozen Sweetpotato Chips 10kg

Frozen Potato Wedges (Skin-on) 10kg

Frozen Hashbrowns Round 8 x 1.2kg

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen Green Peas 6 x 1kg

Frozen Chopped Spinach 6 x 1kg

Frozen Cut Corn 6 x 1kg

Frozen Mixed Vegetables 6 x 1kg

Frozen Cut Green Beans 6 x 1kg

Frozen Country Mix 6 x 1kg

Frozen Hawaiian Stirfry 6 x 1kg



Chicken Products

Chicken Fillets - Local - 1kg
Chicken Fillets - Free Range - 1kg
Chicken Fillets - IQF - 5kg
Chicken Fillets - Smoked - 1kg
Chicken Wings - 2kg
Chicken Drumsticks - 2kg
Chicken Thighs - 2kg
Chicken Leg Quarters IMP - 10kg
Chicken Whole Bird - R/W
Chicken Livers - 1kg
Buffalo Wings 300g - 1kg

Prepared Chicken Products

Chicken Schnitzels - 5kg

Pork Products

New Style Pork Bacons

Back Bacon 1kg

Streaky Bacon 1kg

Shoulder Bacon 1kg

Prime Cut Bacon 1kg

Catering Bacon 1kg


Diced Bacon 1kg


Pork Products

Pork Loin Ribs Imported 10kg

Pork Belly Ribs Imported 10kg

Pickled Eisbein R/W

Smoked Eisbein R/W

Freys Pork Fillets 4kg

New Style Pork Bangers 9 x 500g

Freys Pork Breakfast Sausages 6 x 800g

Freys Beef Breakfast Sausages 6 x 800g 

Ham / Salami's

Cold Meats

Sliced Sandwich Ham 1kg

Sliced Gypsy Ham 1kg

Sliced Cervelat Salami 1kg

Sandwich Ham Loaves 2.5kg

Chorizo Plain 1kg

Chorizo Peri-Peri 1kg


Calamari Steaks 800g

Calamari Steaks 1.4kg 

Calamari Steaks 1.6kg

Calamari Tubes 4kg 

Calamari Rings 800g

Fish Products

Hake Fillets 6-8's 5kg

Smoked Rainbow Trout 80g

Smoked Norwegian Salmon 80g


Prawns Head on 31-40 800g

Prawns Head on 21-25 800g

Prawns Head on 16-20 800g

Prawns Headless 26-30 800g

Blanched Prawn Meat 20-40 800g

Blanched Prawn Meat 40-60 800g

Frozen Shrimps 240g 

Mussel Meat 800g

1/2 Shell Mussels 800g

Anchovy Fillets

Anchovy Fillets Imported  - 1.75kg

Anchovy Fillets 1kg


Chopped Garlic - 100g

Chopped Garlic - 250g

Chopped Garlic - 500g

Chopped Garlic - 1kg

Chopped Garlic - 5kg

Crushed Ginger - 1kg

Crushed Ginger - 5kg 

Various Frozen Products

Westfalia Avo Pulp 1kg

Euroberry Assorted berries 1kg

Garner Wafers Waffles 40's



Brands we offer:

Breco Seafoods Britos Fairview Lancewood Lynca Meats McCain Liberty Foods Windmeul Eggs